Mitchell Johnston is into his second season with 360 Bin Cleaning in the Truro area. This year, he’s been able to hire some staff, meaning he can now focus on growing the business. Submitted photo

360 Bin Cleaning started its second season in May.

Things are a little different this time around, according to owner Mitchell Johnston.

The services offered are the same — green bin cleaning as well as pressure washing services —however, the operation of the company has changed.

“I started out doing all of the work myself,” said Johnston. “I’ve now worked myself out of the labour role.”

This model has benefits for both customers and the community, according to Johnston. He can now spend time on increasing the client base and his work force.

“I have been able to hire three people, one full-time and two part-time,” Johnston explained. “This frees me up to focus on efficiency and building the business.”

This early success did not come without a few hurdles, like an early equipment problem.

“I designed the system myself, based on ones used by companies out west,” explained Johnston. “There was a small miscommunication when I was buying parts, and within a couple of weeks I had over-pressurized it – blowing a substantial investment.

“That was a hard pill to swallow.”

This situation left Johnston with some advice for those who might be starting out.

“You can never do enough research,” he said. “Even when you think you fully understand something, keep learning. Things happen that you can’t predict, but you can try to avoid as many problems as possible.”

While the industry is new and unique to the area, Johnston comes from a family in the waste management field.

“There is no other compost cleaning company within Colchester,” said Johnston. “It is a new industry with a lot of value to the service.”

With both residential and commercial services available, Johnston says that both types of clients have given different reasons for enjoying what 360 Bin Cleaning does.

“People tell us that we’ve helped with their rodent and insect problems,” said Johnston of his residential clients. “Some just like that they don’t have to touch something nasty-looking, for lack of a better word.”

Commercial clients — like restaurants — have different reasons for liking the service.

“We offer the value of a clean-looking establishment and a better work environment,” explained Johnston. “It’s something our commercial clients appreciate.”

This customer satisfaction is one reason that Johnston says he enjoys his job, but he goes on to explain that the freedom of self-employment is the best part.

“I go in each day knowing I have to do X, Y, and Z,” said Johnston. “I establish what I do. It never feels like work.”

Johnston plans to work on slow and steady growth of the business within the Colchester area.

“I just want to keep doing what we are now,” Johnston said. “It is a new industry and we continue to grow as more people learn what we do.”

360 Bin Cleaning is located at 731 Willow St., Truro. For more information, call 902-890-9423,  reach out on Facebook, or email