Cinda Willigar, left, and Jackie Waugh organize some of the items available through an online auction in support of the Heal Your Heart with Art program Waugh leads through Third Place Transition House. The auction will be running until March 17 on Facebook. Raissa Tetanish – Hub Now

TRURO – The hosts of an art therapy program helping domestic abuse survivors is turning to the online community for support.

Cinda Willigar, with Third Place Transition House, and Jackie Waugh have launched an auction on Facebook to support the Heal Your Heart with Art program Waugh leads through the transition house.

“We normally get funding from the county, but we’re hoping to be able to do this on our own,” said Willigar, adding the transition house received $5,000 from the Municipality of Colchester County for its first program offering, and $2,500 for its most recent program. “We’re so grateful for that. There are so many non-profit organizations requesting funding, so we thought, ‘we can do this.’”

She and Waugh agree that $5,000 in funding would help them offer the program for a year. The program sees between six and 10 participants at the bi-weekly gatherings.

“It seems to be doable,” said Waugh, of raising the money through the auction they’re hosting through Facebook. “And it feels much more rewarding to do it on your own than ask for money. No doubt the ladies (participants) want to keep the program going. They’re very keen on it.”

Waugh had been an artist participating in the recent Artists in Harmony program, which saw old instruments turned into pieces of art and auctioned off in support of local non-profits.

“I saw what (Artists in Harmony) did and brought the idea up. People support needed programs and Heal Your Heart with Art pulls at the heart strings,” said Waugh.

“And people love online auctions,” Willigar added.

The auction runs March 9 to 17 on Facebook. It can be found by searching and joining ‘Heal Your Heart with Art – Online Auction’. Photos of the items will be uploaded to the site and bidding will occur on the photos. Individuals and businesses have been supportive and donating items ranging from homemade goods to gift cards.

Monetary donations are also being accepted.

For more information, join the auction page on Facebook, contact Cinda Willigar or Jackie Waugh through the social media platform, or call the shelter at 902-893-4844. Those wishing to make monetary donations can do so by credit card on the shelter’s website (, or by e-transfer to