Amanda Pothier used to spend her days auditing business and now she gets to help them succeed — a role she enjoys much better.

Pothier had worked for a large public accounting firm before joining Atkinson’s Accounting in Truro last fall, and says she’s really been enjoying working more closely with clients.

“It’s been great to work with small companies and sole proprietorships and be able to offer advice and guidance,” says Pothier. “It feels a little more relevant and helpful than just doing audits.”

Blanchard Atkinson founded Atkinson’s Accounting more than 30 years ago and Pothier purchased the practice in January. Atkinson plans to stay on for another couple of years to help with the transition.

Along with Pothier and Atkinson, the Atkinson’s Accounting team includes Susan MacDonald — who’s been working in tax and accounting services for more than 30 years — and Amy Atkinson — who’s been providing personal income tax and bookkeeping services for more than 14 years.

Pothier says the firm is hoping to expand by taking on more corporate clients now that they can offer reviews and audits, and she encourages small- to medium-sized business owners to reach out to learn more.

She believes it’s the team’s personalized service that sets them apart from their competition because they focus on listening to their clients and being responsive to their needs — whether that’s sitting down with them in person or assisting them by researching something specific to their files.

“We aim to sit down with everyone and make sure they’re happy with our service, and that they understand what they do or don’t need to do,” says Pothier. “We always put their best interests first and do what makes sense for their business.”

Atkinson’s Accounting services include personal tax returns, small business accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, HST and banking, as well as corporate tax returns, financial statements, auditing and compliance. Pothier says clients appreciate that their prices are fair, as many small business owners are counting every penny.

Business owners come into Atkinson’s Accouting “at all points in the spectrum,” according to Pothier. Some are about to open a business and want to do their homework first — figuring out what services they should outsource and which tasks they can handle themselves — while other business owners only seek their help once they’re in over their head.

“Sometimes they’ll be a few months in and find it too overwhelming. They want to focus on growing their business and they don’t have the time or energy for bookkeeping,” explains Pothier. “We’re very flexible and can be as involved as they’d like.”

She says sometimes a business owner tries to handle their own accounting to save money but it ends up costing them more than if they’d outsourced.

“If they’ve done it themselves without really knowing how, it can end up in quite a mess,” says Pothier. “If a firm has to redo a lot of what they’ve done, it can be more costly in the end.”

Atkinson’s Accounting is located at 46 Inglis Place in Truro. For more information, please call (902) 897-9090 or visit