Raissa Tetanish – Hub Now The United Way of Colchester County recently hosted its launch for the annual workplace campaign, with Scotiabank’s Team Truro on site collecting donations. Scotiabank matched those donations up to $5,000, meaning more than $10,000 was raised during launch day for the local organization. From left, Denise Dube MacLean and Randy Jollie, of Scotiabank, United Way’s executive director Terry Hearn, and Heather Hagen and Craig MacLaine, both of Scotiabank.

TRURO – It’s been eight years since Dorothy Roode’s husband passed away from kidney disease, and since then, she’s helped raise more than $71,000.

Roode is instrumental in hosting a walk in support of the Kidney Foundation of Canada in Truro for the past seven years and thanks to a $4,000 from Scotiabank again this year, around $11,000 was raised.

“We travelled to Halifax three days a week,” said Roode, about dialysis treatment her late husband had undergone for the disease. “There was no dialysis unit here at the time.”

The year after her husband passed away, Roode was approached by the Halifax chapter about starting a local chapter and walk.

“I put the word out there for volunteers,” she said.

With 37 participants this year, Roode said numbers were down from past years. The money raised, however, was on par with the previous walks.

Along with the kidney walk donation, Scotiabank’s Team Truro also saw staff volunteer at the annual AIDS Walk for Life, hosted by the Northern Healthy Connections Society. In total, more than $10,500 was raised.

“The money stays in the community,” said Al McNutt, of the society. “In fact, it’s shared with a lot of the community.”

If there are organizations with core values similar to that of the society, McNutt said they can enter a team into the walk. If the team raises more than $200, half of what they raised goes back to their organization.

“A lot of organizations don’t take advantage of it. These community groups, they’ve all been invited over the years, but very few have taken advantage,” he said.

It’s been close to 20 years for the local AIDS walk, and Janet MacPhee said Scotiabank’s contribution is significant.

“Not only in the fact that we get a percentage, but it shows the community they’re behind what they put out there. It’s called the ‘Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life’ and we’re very lucky to have them in our community,” MacPhee said.

Scotiabank’s Team Truro also made a $5,000 donation to the United Way of Colchester during its launch for its annual workplace campaign, bringing their total for the launch day to more than $10,000.