During last year’s Disco Soup, Zolen Perry made crab apple cider for guests with apples gleaned from a tree in downtown Truro. Disco Soup is once again on the agenda for Truro Local Food Week. Submitted photo

TRURO – Truro Local Food Week 2018 will be celebrated this year from Oct. 15 to 21 with a number of events planned.

This initiative, in its third year, is a project of the Living Earth Council, a local non-profit that encourages community connections and public discussion around local food, as well as green energy.

Truro Local Food Week aims to increase awareness of the issues of food waste and access to healthy food, while providing opportunities for the community to share local food and honour those who grow and produce it.

Committee member Kenda MacLellan says, “Our vision is to host several key events each year, and have businesses, organizations, and families find a way to put their own spin on local food. We would like it to be like the Wild Blueberry Festival in that way, with a variety of events throughout the area.”

One new event this year, organized in cooperation with the Downtown Truro Partnership, is a “Local Food Crawl”, Oct. 17, 6-9 p.m. Tickets for this event are $55 for appetizers for two guests at four local restaurants.

“We have added a Brown Bag Picnic for October 16, which is also World Food Day,” said MacLellan. “The picnic will be in Civic Square and will feature live music and drama. We hope people will pack their supper, or purchase from a local restaurant, and join their friends and neighbours. We would especially like to invite farmers and food producers, so that we can thank them personally.” The picnic will run 4-6 p.m.

A highlight of Truro Local Food Week is Disco Soup, an international event that began in Germany and focuses on food waste. It will be held Oct. 20, 4-7 p.m., at the Truro Farmers’ Market. Throughout the week, local children and volunteers will rescue food that would otherwise be wasted from orchards, farmers’ fields, gardens, and grocery stores. Everyone who attends Disco Soup helps chop the vegetables and prepare the soup, as well as enjoy music and learn how to decrease food waste.

Cobequid Educational Centre and university students will help promote the issue.

Canadians waste an average of 873 pounds per person per year, which costs the economy an estimated $31 billion. It also keeps healthy food from reaching those who lack access because of financial constraints.

Details about these events and more can be found on Facebook and Instagram @trurolocalfoodweek, or by calling 902-890-7127.