Sarah Coleman was going down the wrong spiritual path, and she knew it.

The Truro native lived in Halifax for six years while working in the film industry and found herself wanting to return home. In what she describes as “a spiritual shift,” she decided it was time to open a metaphysical and spiritual shop where people could find the tools they needed to develop their own spirituality.

She opened Calling Corners New Age Boutique on Esplanade Street a year ago and has been building up a loyal customer base ever since.

“We cater mostly to people with earth-based spirituality — Buddhists, Pagans, people interested in yoga, that sort of world,” says Coleman. “When I was exploring my own path,

I found it difficult to navigate that world alone. I wanted to bring something to the forefront so people would feel comfortable coming in and asking questions.”

Calling Corners New Age Boutique carries an extensive selection of crystals and stones which can be used for healing, developing a character trait, finding clarity for visions, and even getting better at studying for a test!

“Crystals and stones are a big passion of ours, and we carry information that goes along with them,” says Coleman. “Some people know exactly which one they’re looking for and other people don’t really know what they want, so we’re here to help.”

She also organizes workshops on mindfulness and divination, and the shop also carries books related to divination — like how to read tarot cards.

“These days it’s really cool because you don’t need them to get to predict the future — most people use them for self-development and learning focus and meditation,” says Coleman. “There are books that teach the basics and books that are more advanced, for people who are already familiar with the basics.”

You never know what you might find in the curious shop, from incense, herbs and candles to statuaries, black salt and cauldrons. Yes, cauldrons — they’re useful for small spells or just burning your incense.

Coleman says her customers are excited when they discover the store because they’ve finally found a local spot to pick up items that used to be impossible to find in Truro.

“They feel very safe and comfortable talking with us, and that’s fantastic,” says Coleman.

“We also get to see them meeting other people with common interests and becoming friends!”

She credits Calling Corners’ success to her determination to treat every customer like a friend and “get real” about what they’re talking about.

“If there’s something on their mind — like negative energy in their home — we want them to feel comfortable talking to us,” says Coleman. “We’re also a resource for them to find someone else who might be able to help. I feel like that’s what sets us apart.”

It’s just Coleman and her mother running the shop at this point, and Coleman says she couldn’t ask for a better coworker.

“My mother loves all of this stuff, and she just has this magical energy about her,” says Coleman. “But we have local experts and [tarot card] readers who come in regularly, too, so in my heart it feels like we have a big team.”

She says local business owners like Andrea Munroe from Enchanted Forest have been “super supportive” as she learns the ropes of running a business, and encourages other business owners to connect with their neighbours if they’re uncertain about anything.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions.”

Calling Corners New Age Boutique is located at 147 Esplanade St. in Truro. For more information, call (902) 843-5113 or visit