Glenda Bower shows off some of the deteriorating brick outside the Glen W. Smith Community Pool, which most people know as Scotia Pool. The Scotia Pool Society is replacing the exterior bricks this autumn to a tune of $75,000 plus tax. Raissa Tetanish – Hub Now

BIBLE HILL – One by one, brick by brick, the exterior of a public swimming pool in Bible Hill is being replaced.

Glenda Bower, with the Scotia Pool Society, said the bricks need to be replaced to protect all the work done to the interior of the building and pool over the last few years.

“We’ve put approximately $750,000 into the inside, and the roof of the building over the last three years,” said Bower, about the pool that now bears her father’s name – the Glen W. Smith Community Pool. “The inside has been upgraded, now we have to move to the outside to protect the inside.”

The front wall will be the first to see work done to it. It will be torn down, with new brick used.

“We will salvage as much of the brick as we can, and replace bad bricks throughout the rest of the walls.”

She said the mortar of the entire building will need to be repointed, all of which will protect the exterior.

“The bricks have started to deteriorate,” she said. “The humidity build up was so high, it was pushing through. The white stuff (on the bricks) outside is where the brick is breaking down and chemicals are leaking out.”

Bower said the society received a quote of $75,000 plus tax for the work to be done. The society has been doing a number of fundraisers to pay for the renovations and has launched a ‘buy a brick’ campaign. For $10, patrons can purchase a brick, with names of all purchasers being added to a sign inside the building. Elegant Steps in Truro stepped up and purchased 10 bricks and is challenging others to do the same.

“It’s truly demonstrated by the local businesses and community how much they support us – by our sign campaign and fundraising efforts in February,” said Bower. “We know they’re asked a lot and they’ve certainly stepped up and supported our facility.”

A memorial plaque is also being used as a fundraiser, with $16,000 already being raised through the plaque.

Bower was hopeful funding would also come through the province, and earlier in September, Minister of Agriculture Keith Colwell announced funding in the amount of $50,000 for the improvements.

The Scotia Pool Society leases the facility from the province for $1 annually, and their current lease is good up until 2035.

The Municipality of Colchester County provides $50,000 for operating costs, however denied a request for additional money for the renovations.

The society continues to run monthly 50/50 draws to raise funds, as well as a Vesseys catalogue sale. Funds have also been set aside from a recent Chase the Ace draw, and Swim Over to the Pond fundraising event.

Elegant Steps is also contributing in another way this year with a charity fashion show. Each year, the business chooses a designated charity, and the society will benefit from fashion shows on Sept. 21 at 5:30 p.m., and noon on Oct. 26. The fashion show will be held at the Best Western Glengarry. Tickets are $26 each and can be purchased at Elegant Steps on Inglis Place.

For more information on programs offered, or to participate in the brick program, call 902-893-6364.