Firefighters from various departments assisted those from Bible Hill battle a blaze at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus's Cox Institute on June 20 and 21. Photo courtesy of James Faulkner

BIBLE HILL – Cox Institute of Agricultural Technology at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus is closed until further notice after a fire broke out on the roof of the building on June 20.

Firefighters from Bible Hill responded to the blaze around 9:30 p.m., with mutual aid coming from Truro, Valley-Kemptown, North River, Salmon River, Hilden, Brookfield, Cobequid, and Onslow-Belmont departments.

No injuries were reported and anyone inside the building was evacuated safely.

Firefighters were on scene, including the aerial trucks from Truro and Valley-Kemptown, well into the early morning hours of June 21 battling the blaze.

Joey Bisson, chief of the Bible Hill Fire Brigade, said it will take a couple of days before any sort of a cause can be determined.

“Typically with a structure fire like this, it takes so long for the gasses to escape the building before the fire marshal can even get in to start to investigate,” he said. “We haven’t been in to see the extent of the damage.”

The chief said the roof and third floor of the building sustained the most damage, with at least the third and second floors heavily damaged by smoke and water.

This is the second major fire the campus has seen over the last three years. In August 2015, the Ruminant Animal Centre caught fire, with all animals and staff inside the barn evacuated successfully.

The fire was contained to the main feed storage area, which contained approximately 2,500 bales of hay, however the storage area could not be salvaged and it was torn down shortly following the fire.