In June, the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce heard from Stuart MacLean, CEO of the Worker’s Compensation Board of Nova Scotia, and Michael DeVenney of Bluteau, DeVenney and Associates.

From the WCB, MacLean discussed their process transformation to modernize and enhance operations and we heard about the continued need to focus on workplace safety.

From Bluteau, DeVenney and Associates, DeVenney provided a candid discussion on mental health and its impact on entrepreneurs and business. One in five people suffer from depression and many more suffer from anxiety.

DeVenney discussed we tend to suffer in silence and build walls around ourselves to hide issues of stress, anxiety and mental health. He told us as an entrepreneur that when he suffered, he pushed himself harder, internalized problems and isolated himself. He suffered in silence believing colleagues, employees, family and friends wouldn’t understand. When he opened up about his struggles, he realized people did understand and he wasn’t alone. He advised it shouldn’t take courage to discuss issues of stress, anxiety and mental health – we shouldn’t suffer alone. Mental health issues divide and isolate us as we suffer silently, but these issues are more common than we realize and discussing them openly will actually connect us.

We learned from DeVenney that mental health is good for business. A focus on mental health is linked to business growth. For more see

So this summer, let’s all (employers, employees, moms, dads, grandparents, sons, daughters, friends) focus on:

  • Ensuring our work places and work processes are safe.
  • Talking about mental health issues and proactively working to support mental health.

Have a great summer.


Alex Stevenson is president of the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce.