The year 2016 proved to be challenging in a lot of ways for a lot people. We have all heard and or participated in conversations about the changing face of politics, countless public deaths, work to rule and world-wide tragedies.

This doesn’t even touch on the personal struggles that people had to deal with this year, which seemed to be at an all-time high for some. Rather than focusing on my heartache brought on by the 2016 bookend deaths of two of my idols, David Bowie and Carrie Fisher, I thought I would take some time to highlight just a sampling of the collaborations and celebrations that made 2016 so incredible for me:

1. I started the year off right by stepping out of my comfort zone and telling my story of living with depression and anxiety at CMHA’s annual Women & Wellness event.

2. I partnered with Connie Baird of Party Time Rentals to put together an incredible collection of local bridal product and service providers in our first Bridal Show collaboration.

3. Perhaps the biggest highlight for me was producing the first annual Local Love Truro awards with my partner in crime, Michelle McCann of Bold and Italic Social Communications at the Marigold Cultural Centre. It was the beginning of something pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

4. I had the chance to get all dolled up in my finest again this year for the second annual Grown Up Prom with Karen Baillie of Elegant Steps and Michelle McCann of Bold and Italic.

5. Also high on my list of achievements in 2016 was the debut of my new play: ‘Ain’t It Funny’ during this year’s Truro One-Act Play Festival. I was able to work with such an incredible crew of people and I was so proud of how they pulled it all together.

6. After the success of the first year, I had the pleasure of working with another dedicated team of people to produce the second annual Showcase Truro Film Festival. I was reunited with my pal, film producer Jessica Brown, and had the pleasure of collaborating with Cory Bowles and meeting the fabulous Jackie Torrens and Steven MacDougall (among other incredible local talent behind the scenes and on the screen).

7. I had the pleasure of serving as Marketing Co-ordinator of the host committee for Music Nova Scotia’s Nova Scotia Music Week for the second year. I count myself pretty lucky to have the opportunity to work with such creative, like-minded people.

8. I am very excited for the new collaboration that is brewing with myself and my good friends Rebecca Taylor of Espresso Public Relations, Michelle McCann of Bold and Italic and Jaime Oudemans of Clay Cafe.

9. I wrapped up a successful year of Women’s Social Network receptions in December at My Home Apparel with a limited edition ‘Merry Blissmas’ candle made especially for me by the talented Rebecca Taylor of Pearl & Daisy.

Phew. And, like I said, this is only a taste… All of this happened while taking on the exciting new temporary role of Special Events and Culture Co-ordinator with the Town of Truro Parks, Recreation and Culture department and having the opportunity to contribute to some of the great events that are taking place in our town.

Cheers to a stellar 2017, all! | |