If you haven’t had your fill of food trucks, you’re in luck.

Mari Ann Stiles, owner of Taco Stiles, confirmed a third food truck rally will be held on the Dal Agricultural College Campus September 8.

“We hosted one there last year and it was very successful so we’re ready to do it again,” said Stiles. “This one will showcase entrepreneurs and local farmers as well. I am excited to be a part of something like that because I am both.”

The rally at the agricultural campus comes on the heels of two successful events hosted in the parking lot of MacQuarries in Truro. On June 23, eight food trucks served upwards of 2,000 people in Downtown Truro while on July 28, 12 trucks were onsite serving thousands of customers.

Stiles and Glenda Rector of MacQuarries teamed up to organize both events. Stiles says the rallies drew people not only from Colchester County but outside as well.

“The social media buzz and the long line-ups are an indication this is something Truro supported,” said Stiles. “Other towns like Wolfville have recently banned food trucks except for festivals. I am sure the overflow from the Truro rally went to surrounding businesses and that is never a bad thing. There were people from away who attended and before the rally, had never been to Downtown Truro.”

Stiles says the success of the rallies are a prime example of what happens when people work together.

“Working together in a small community and supporting each other can only fuel progress and growth,” she said. “None of this would have happened without a lot of support. That includes the town, local businesses, MacQuarries, other local groups and members of the Food Truck Association of Nova Scotia who all shared information about the rally via social media to help create some hype.”