BIBLE HILL: In a world filled with synthetic products Main Street Shoe Repair & Leather Shop still believes in providing clients with genuine leather products. It is common for clients that enter the shop to exclaim, ‘I love the smell of leather.’

Randy Gould enjoys dealing with the people of Colchester County.

“We’re still getting customer’s in every week who have never been in the shop before,” says Gould. “We’re kind of Truro’s best kept secret up until we joined the Chamber of Commerce. We really appreciate the support we’ve received.”

Gould also commented that he has customers that come from as far as Amherst, New Glasgow and even Halifax for the various services he provides.

He’s been running Main Street Shoe Repair & Leather Shop since 1999 with a brief attempt at retirement when he sold the business to Jim Wareham and later bought it back because he missed the industry and his clients. It was a life long desire to own and operate his own business and although shoe repair was not the first idea to come to mind, many years later he has found satisfaction in providing not only shoe repair services, but retail items that are hard to find.

Located at 174 Main St., Truro, Main Street Shoe Repair and Leather Shop sells a multitude of products- like purses, hats, jackets, vests, belts, boots, chaps, wallets and briefcases. One of the focal points of Gould’s retail line-up are the extensive line of cowboy boots. There are a large selection and he strives to fit those that think they can never comfortably wear a pair of cowboy boots.

The backbone of the business is still the shoe repair.

“People who bring shoes in to be repaired value the service. It is often hard for folks to replace that favorite pair of shoes and well worth it to give them a new lease on life,” says Gould. “The material that manufacturers put on a lot of heels is plastic and lucky to last a few wears. My replacement heels are made of rubber and are longer lasting.”

He also repairs just about anything. Year after year, Gould says he surprises himself by how many new items he is presented with for repair – from back braces, straps for prosthetic limbs to backyard trampolines. He’s even fixed the convertible roof on a vintage car.

“The guy who owned the shoe repair business initially taught me a bit, but I’ve always been good with my hands,” says Gould. “If I don’t know how to fix something, I say leave it with me for a few days and I end up figuring it out.”

Despite having no direct competition in all of Colchester County Gould says being the only shoe repair around is something he takes very seriously.

“To me it means you need to be better than ever; having a nonchalant attitude is never good for business,” says Gould. “Customer service is everything in my shop.”