Hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, power outages, fires, I.T. security issues, crime, and terrorism have all been recent headline news.

It may feel like these issues “don’t happen here” but in fact many do and they impact business. Recent examples of such situations include Hurricane Juan, flooding in Cape Breton and Truro in 2016, wildfires near Kejimkujik National Park in 2016, the Equifax data breach in 2017, and on-going crime and global risks.

We’ve actually seen a 3.6 magnitude earthquake in southwest Nova Scotia in 2015 and 3.0 magnitude quake east of Halifax in 2016. The old saying, “no one plans to fail, they just failed to plan,” applies when it comes to emergency preparedness. How prepared is your business for an emergency?

If you don’t yet have an emergency plan, there are many great online resources to help. Just google “business emergency preparedness” and you’ll find a number of excellent links. My favourites are the IBC (Insurance Bureau of Canada) and the BDC links, I encourage you to check them out. They cover things such as identifying the risks, reviewing your insurance policy to ensure proper coverage, developing a plan, training employees, establishing communication plans, enhancing security for premises, assets, and computer systems, etc.

Hoping to avoid risk isn’t a prudent approach. Identifying the risks, preparing a plan to mitigate impacts and ensuring the continuity of your business is the way to go. As we head into the autumn and winter weather, I encourage everyone to make emergency preparedness a part of your ongoing business management. In the meantime, I hope the beautiful late summer weather we’ve enjoyed stays with us for a while yet.