Danielle Crowell knows all too well the benefits of practicing yoga. Submitted photo

As I was going through my calendar a few weeks ago, I turned to June and realized… this month marks our three-year anniversary at Body Solace Studio!

So, not only did we do three fun giveaways with our clients to celebrate, it also got me thinking about three years ago (or more like four years ago, really)…

You see, four years ago in 2014 I was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street. At the time, I had been working at a corporate job and unsure about the direction of my life. And on that day, in a matter of seconds, my life flashed before my eyes.

The impact broke my pelvis in two places, and during my recovery, I used a combination of yoga and Pilates to regain strength and mobility.

I had always been an active person and enjoyed yoga, Pilates, and fitness for years prior, but this gave me a newfound “why.” My recovery was a source of motivation and inspiration. From there, I made the decision to become certified to teach yoga, Pilates, and fitness classes so that I could help others as well. And in 2015, I was presented with the opportunity to take over a pre-existing yoga space… which is when Body Solace Studio was created.

“Body Solace” is based around the concept of finding “solace” (comfort and support) within the body through movement. Now, three years later, we’re excited to be incorporating holistic nutrition into our services as well with the recent graduation of Lorraine Crowe’s (who’s now co-owner of Body Solace Studio along with me) Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach certification. It will be a well-rounded addition… truly creating “solace” from the inside, out.

As I reflect back on the past years, I feel an overwhelming sense of continued inspiration from everyone who attends our studio. To speak for all the teachers at Body Solace Studio, we are motivated every single day from participants who are making healthy changes in their lives (physically and mentally), and it keeps us committed to working hard and making an impact.

This month, I have a question for you: In regards to your life – where you’re at now and where you’d like to be – what will it take for you to make a change? If the past four years have taught me anything, it’s that life is precious. For all we know, we have a short time here on this planet… so what will it take for you to live your healthiest, happiest life?

If you attend or have attended classes at Body Solace Studio, I want to say thank you. Thank you for your inspiration, support, and for all the laughs. And if we haven’t met you yet, what are you waiting for?