Hi there, my name is Danielle Crowe and I’m pleased to welcome you to my new column, “Solace for Your Body and Mind.”

I am the proud owner of Body Solace Studio, a yoga and Pilates studio here in Truro, and I am also the co-founder of a body positive clothing and accessories brand called ‘Find Solace Within.’ Altogether, our focus is on helping people recognize that happiness is not found outside of us, but rather, it’s found within ourselves. We teach the power of health and wellness through natural, holistic approaches, and we speak on living your best life.

I am the survivor of anorexia, a self-proclaimed warrior for positive body image standards, a registered yoga teacher, and a certified fitness and Pilates instructor. I believe in changing the health and fitness industry from its current state of diet mentality and over-working yourself, to one of body positivity and total wellness (mind, body and spirit).

So, what is this column going to be about, you ask? Well, each month I’m going to be talking about health and wellness in the forms of physical activity, meditation, body image, and more! I’m a realistic person when it comes to such topics, so I’ll be helping to debunk current trends, filling you in on healthy approaches, and discussing simple and basic ways to lead your healthiest and happiest life.

I invite you to join me on this column and send me insight, feedback and questions at any time! Got a request for a certain topic? I bet others would love to read about it as well! Let me know and I’ll write a column about it so many can benefit.

Feel free to reach me at info@bodysolacestudio.com, and check out our websites at www.bodysolacestudio.com and www.findsolacewithin.com.

I’m on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so send me a hello and let’s connect! Together we can make changes in our community around health and wellness, and help make Truro and the surrounding area the healthiest and happiest we can be!

Here’s to a new column and new adventures to come!

Danielle Crowe