TRURO – If you’re thinking about doing some shopping in your favourite downtown stores, Oct. 20 will be the perfect day to do it.

Miriah Kearney, who owns the My HOME Apparel clothing line and My HOME Mercantile on Inglis Place, has organized an Impact Shopping Day. Roughly 15 downtown businesses are participating on that day, which is Small Business Saturday, and giving back to the community through their proceeds.

“The premise of my own personal business and my business ethic is you have the power to make a tremendous impact, and as a business owner, I have a responsibility to help those in need,” said Kearney. “I truly believe small businesses are the heart of the community, but the community is also the heart of small businesses. I thought if we could do something with all these small businesses, it could make a tremendous impact.”

When Kearney created the My HOME Apparel line, she was committed to donating five per cent from every purchase to help end homelessness. Over the last three years, that donation has reached $27,000.

Over the last couple of years, there have been a number of initiatives, such as Truro Burger Week, where a portion of the profits have been donated to local charities.

“I wondered if we could do something like that, especially on a retail scale, we could get people in to do some shopping, and have those businesses give a percentage back.”

She was already planning on doing something to celebrate Small Business Saturday, but thought it would be more powerful if others participated as well. Many businesses, she said, will often do promotions of tax free, or 20 per cent off, which saves those making the purchase.

“But if they could take that money and give it back to the community, that has great potential from just one event.”

Participating businesses on Impact Shopping Day have chosen an organization to donate to. Most will be donating $1 for every $10 spent by a customer, however there are a few doing different things catering to their own business models. Passports will be available at the participating businesses, and shoppers can track the impact they’re having.

“At the end of the day, they can look at their passport and see they’ve supported independent businesses, and given back to their community at the same time,” Kearney said. “This is our first year for it so I don’t know what to expect. But people want to feel good and they want to make a difference.”

Participating businesses will be listed on the My HOME Mercantile page on Facebook.