Mitch Cooke, a Brookfield native, is being inducted into the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame next month for his accomplishments in a 10-year motocross career. The 34-year-old holds two national titles among his 14 podium finishes. Submitted photo

BROOKFIELD – A local motocross racer has another accomplishment to add to his belt.

Mitch Cooke, who hails from Brookfield, is one of 10 people being inducted into the Maritime Motorsports Hall of Fame next month as the Class of 2018.

“It was a big surprise,” said the 34-year-old. “It wasn’t something I thought about. It’s awesome and certainly means more now that I’m older. When you’re younger, you get caught up in the moment and are just worried about winning races. It’s neat to be noticed.”

Cooke, who owns HAF Skate and Tattoo in Truro among other business ventures with family members, got into the sport at the age of eight thanks to his father. His father was a local pro racer and bought Cooke his first bike. They travelled together to Cooke’s father’s races, spending a lot of time together seeing the country and a lot of North America.

Cooke’s professional career began when he signed with Two-Wheel Motorsports in 1999.

But Cooke isn’t the first to be inducted. His sister, an eight-time Canadian women’s champion, was inducted seven years ago.

“I never wanted to be second to be inducted,” Cooke laughed. “But it’s pretty cool we’ll both be in the Hall of Fame. And she lets me know she was first.”

He said his sister started in the profession a few years after he did, but the two were on the road together for a long time.

He’s gotten many accolades over the years, but is pretty proud of his two national wins. He’s had 14 podium finishes over his career, and has been able to races world-wide, including in Africa, Bermuda, Belgium, Holland, Italy, India, and the U.S.

While he doesn’t do as much riding these days, Cooke still races a few times a year.

His motocross track in Pleasant Valley, which he opened in 2009 with his father, also keeps him busy. He hosts two races annually, and open practices each week, the latter of which will see upwards of 50 racers on the track.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held Nov. 17 at the Best Western Glengarry in Truro. Tickets are $80 each and available by calling 506-756-2110.