Truro, you should be proud.

The second annual Pride parade on July 29 was another success. With a longer route this year – starting at the Colchester Legion Stadium and ending at civic square – the sidewalks along the parade route were still packed with spectators.

And the participants? Tremendous turnout with roughly 65 entries, some with upwards of 40 people.

That should be something to be proud of.

Over the years, Truro hasn’t been very welcoming to the gay and lesbian community. We all know this. It’s not something that will be forgotten. But over time, that unwelcomeness will begin to dissipate. It already has.

No matter where one goes, there will be some people who won’t be welcoming. But that number, hopefully, is decreasing.

That’s definitely something we should be proud of, and something that needs to be celebrated. Why? Because no matter who you are or who you love, every one of us is still human. We still feel. We still breathe. We still bleed.

Some people may ask why the gay, lesbian, trans, etc. community needs to have a celebration. It’s the same reason why we have other days of recognition for others – they weren’t always treated with respect or compassion. That’s where we’ve wronged. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge the growth and acceptance we have seen to others, no matter who they are.

From last year’s parade to this year’s week-long events, it’s hard to judge which had the larger crowds. It was an emotional time, both years, and one filled with joy and love.

With the Northern Healthy Connections Society taking the lead both years, a huge congratulations should go out to them.

During the extended activities at the civic square, Al McNutt of the society said Truro Police Service Chief Dave MacNeil was instrumental in getting the parade off the grounds. With many parades across the country banning uniformed police from participating in the parade, Truro should take pride in the participation and leadership MacNeil and the rest of the service have shown.

Truro is a progressive town…that much is evident even over the last five years. Let’s continue on this path, spreading the love and compassion we all possess.