Stacy and Matt Fraser help seat their daughter, Caitlyn, into her new Hippocampe Stroller, courtesy of the Children’s Wish Foundation. The stroller will allow Caitlyn to experience more things and go more places thanks to its regular and oversized wheels (good for the beach), and even some skis for the winter. Raissa Tetanish – Hub Now

Caitlyn Fraser is a special girl, and her father says she deserves to be treated like a princess.

Just moments after being presented with a Hippocampe Stroller from the Children’s Wish Foundation, Matt and Stacy Fraser said they were overwhelmed with the support.

“It really is an amazing thing you guys are doing,” Matt said, to those from the foundation and Caitlyn’s family members, who were all gathered at Truro Mazda for the presentation. “There were no limits on her wish. This is something she will use her entire life. Caitlyn likes doing things and being around people, and with this, she will be able to.”

Caitlyn, now 10, was diagnosed when she was six months old with lissencephaly, which is very similar in nature to cerebral palsy.

“It’s an extremely rare brain condition, and there could be as few as 500 diagnosed with it in the world,” said Matt, adding his daughter is missing her cerebral cortex.

“She wasn’t meeting her milestones,” said Stacy, about how they realized something was different with their daughter. “One afternoon, I had her on my lap and she had a seizure.”

Very quickly, Caitlyn was taken to the hospital and the family quickly had a diagnosis.

With a family cottage on a beach, the new Hippocampe will be put to good use.

“We can’t take her wheelchair on the beach because the wheels get stuck in the sand, but this one floats in water and can go on the beach,” said Stacy. “We’re going to get lots of use out of it.”
Caitlyn also loves to play baseball with the Truro Challengers team. She loves music, people – especially her cousins, and any sort of therapeutic lights.

“She loves being read to, and baseball,” said Stacy.

“And she loves watching Jays games with her parents,” Matt added. “This stroller opens up so many more opportunities to us.”
Jacob Rafuse, the Atlantic Wish Coordinator, said wishes like the Hippocampe Stroller excite him the most.

“I know how life changing this is to Caitlyn,” he said, at the beginning of the presentation. “This gives her and her parents the freedom to go everywhere with no exceptions, no limitations.”

The stroller came equipped with double-wide wheels, with regular sized ones in a box. It also came with skis for the winter, and a tomato seat, which the family can remove when Caitlyn outgrows it. The regular seat is below the tomato seat.

“I know how much of an impact this can have on someone’s life,” said Rafuse.