The Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition is underway until Aug. 27.

BIBLE HILL – There are some exciting changes afoot for this year’s provincial exhibition in Bible Hill.

Amanda Langille, of Langille and Colburne More Than Events, said the biggest change for the public is shifting the days of the week.

Previous years, the exhibition ran from Tuesday to Saturday to the public. Monday was always the free family 4-H Day. This year, the 4-H Day was Tuesday, with the midway and rest of the exhibition open to the public Wednesday to Sunday, Aug. 23-27.

“When we started planning this year, we thought, ‘why would we cut out a weekend day?’” she said. “It gives the families one more day to enjoy at the exhibition, and for those in 4-H, it helps with the care of the animals being another day on a weekend instead of during the week.”

Last year, More Than Events planned the exhibition, celebrating its 70th anniversary.

“We are really excited to be building on the success of last year. It was a re-grouping year, and we saw a 50 per cent increase in attendance,” she said.

This year, the theme to the exhibition is ‘nourishing growth.’

Langille said it not only speaks to the agricultural industry, but also Canada 150.

“It’s also symbolic to what’s happening at the exhibition grounds. They’re in a great state of momentum, hosting some great events throughout the year, such as Tapped, Truro’s beer expo.”

Last year saw the return of the truck pulls at the exhibition after about a 20-year hiatus, and Langille said they had a record-breaking attendance with 6,000 people attending the pulls on Saturday. To continue that momentum, the exhibition has expanded its motorsport program, with ATV drag races and an obstacle course on Friday. Saturday will again see the truck pulls, with tractor pulls included on Sunday.

“It’s quite exciting for motorsport fans,” Langille said.

Those wanting to tailgate at the exhibition will now have the chance, with Thursday night featuring a tailgate party. Ontario-based band Johnson Crook is set to perform, and there will be food, beverages, tailgating, farm games and competitions. Thursday night will also see live wrestling featuring a number of local wrestlers.

Also new to the exhibition this year is advance sales online of the gate entry. Those who purchase in advance online will be scanned at the door and won’t have to wait in line to pay. Hincheys Rides and Amusements is returning for the midway, and discounted ride bracelets are also available online for $22, instead of $26 on site.

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It will be a bit of a homecoming celebration this month when live wrestling comes to the area.

Andre Myette will be in the ring as his alter ago The Answer, with a number of other local performers, such as Chris Cooke.

“I love the theatrics of it,” said Myette, who has been travelling and wrestling throughout the Maritimes this summer. “There are different faucets to wrestling. I do some acting and I’m a bit of a nerd, and wrestling is athletic, it’s theatrical. You can tell a story with your match and through your character.”

New Breed Wrestling is set for Aug. 24 at the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition. Other local wrestlers on the bill for the event include Josh Stone as Riddick Stone, and Shane Croteau as Shane Stephens.

“We all started there,” said Myette about wrestling with Cooke in Debert. “It’s where it began. So it’s a homecoming, sort of. A lot of us have gotten too busy, but we’re able to bring it back to its roots, which is nice.”

With an interest in comic books, Myette said wrestling is a modern day version of just that.

“Each character has their own moves, or super powers,” he said. “There are good guys and there are bad guys.”

The wrestler said many don’t carry on for years as the same character, but The Answer has been with Myette since he started. For the first three months, The Answer was one of the good guys, but switched sides.

“He’s a bit of a frustrated genius. He’s an angry intellect, frustrated with society,” he said.

His signature move?

“The Brain Storm. It’s hard to explain but the other guy is on his shoulders and he spins him around, then drops him on his head,” Myette said.

Being in the sport for the past decade, Myette admits he didn’t expect that to be the case. He said he’s lucky he hasn’t been injured more than a broken nose, and as long as he’s healthy he plans to carry on.

“I didn’t expect it to be this long, but I’m happy it has.”

Being in the ring, Myette said Cooke is his favourite opponent, not only because they started together, but because they gel personality-wise.

“In the ring, we’re very intuitive and work well together. When you work well together you can play off each other,” he said.

Andre Myette as The Answer.