Arthur Street is one of the busiest streets in Truro, yet with such high volume of traffic passing the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) Truro campus each day, it is a curious thought as to how many of the individuals passing by have any knowledge of what happens inside these walls.

If asked, just about everyone would likely be able to identify the campus as a provider of post-secondary education. But that’s where the knowledge likely ends for many in our community.

Numerous individuals from our community often visit the campus on any given week. Those who take in a campus tour while here always walk away with a sense of surprise, often citing they had no idea all this happens right here in our community. If you were to visit the campus, and hopefully you will, here are some of the things you would learn.

Truro campus is home to approximately 800 students each year in programs ranging across various disciplines including business, health and human services, IT, and creative industries and access. Some apprenticeship and trades and technology opportunities are also emerging. Programs offered at NSCC are directly linked to Nova Scotia’s labour market needs. There are several programs attracting students from across the province as they are only offered here in Truro. About 130 students in these unique programs call the residence at the campus ‘home’. Ninety-three per cent of the students at NSCC are from Nova Scotia, 92 per cent of the graduates live and work in Nova Scotia upon graduation, and 83 per cent of the graduates are employed in their field of study upon graduation. Finally, its interesting to note that almost half of the student population comes to NSCC with prior post-secondary experience with the average student age being 25 years old!

Aside from having the only NSCC residence in the province, there are numerous other unique aspects to the campus. While many institutions of learning pause for the summer months, Truro campus doesn’t stop. Having a rich history of teacher training in Truro, beginning with the Normal School established in 1857, followed by the Normal College, and later moving to the current NSCC site as the Nova Scotia Teachers College, what is little known today, is that teacher training continues to this day in Truro. Our campus is the location for training of all new faculty hired at NSCC. New faculty arrive in Truro for training each summer and participate in the Adult Education Foundations program. The summer also sees the Nova Scotia International Student Program hosting summer camps at Truro campus. This brings up to 80-100 international students to our community each year!

With such a wonderful facility, many community partners call Truro campus ‘home’. The campus supports the Colchester Adult Learning Association (CALA), the Black Educators Northern Region Office, the provincial office of Literacy Nova Scotia, Truro Art Society, as well as My World of Learning daycare. In addition, many community groups offer programs at the campus or utilize the facility for a diversity of purposes from Zumba to yoga and mindfulness practice, to hosting meetings, art shows in the McCarthy Gallery, or taking advantage of the basketball gym.

For those who drive by and have noticed construction on site, the former Centennial Pool building is being re-purposed, soon opening 10,000 square feet of new multipurpose applied learning space. Excitement is also building with the vision of a multi-year master plan slowly taking shape with a focus on accessibility, and the modernization of numerous spaces on campus. So, next time you drive by the campus on Arthur Street, be reminded of the wonderful asset we have right here in our own community.

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