Dave Mingo, of Mingo’s Music Sales, and Lori Holman, with the Marigold Cultural Centre, show off one of the many old instruments up for grabs in the Artists in Harmony online auction. This guitar, painted by Dennis Hare and featuring Dutch Mason and his son Garrett Mason, was autographed by Garrett Mason during the musician’s recent stop to perform at the Marigold Cultural Centre. Raissa Tetanish – Hub Now

TRURO – Old instruments are getting new life thanks to a fundraising initiative featuring local artists.

Dave Mingo and Lori Holman have teamed up to bring about Artists in Harmony. More than 20 artists are participating, with even more than that in instruments, and more than a dozen non-profit organizations benefitting from it.

“I have to give Lori credit to starting this,” said Mingo, of Mingo’s Music Sales. “She had asked me about old instruments.”

Holman, with the Marigold Cultural Centre, had initially wanted to bring something to a camp being hosted at the Marigold.

“I went to Dave because I knew he had an attic full of old instruments,” said Holman.

“And a basement,” added Mingo.

While the initial thought didn’t get off the ground, the pair revisited the idea again in the spring and received some great response with the community.

“Twenty-eight storefronts have agreed to showcase the pieces. We had no idea what to expect, but the response has been great,” said Holman.

The project, said Mingo, can be used as a test for if it could be done again – for example when Nova Scotia Music Week rolls back into town – or as a draw for tourists.

“Truro is in a bit of an uptick,” said Mingo. “It’s a happening spot. This gives us a chance to showcase what makes Truro different. It’s something to see and do – people can see the personality of the town.”

Artists have been invited to take an old instrument home and repurpose it through any way they want, such as painting or pulling it apart and building something new.

“The instruments that are out there are everything from brass to fiddle, guitar, and ukulele,” said Mingo.

Once the instruments are repurposed, they’ll be up on the auction block for two weeks in July through the Artists in Harmony page on Facebook. Each participating artist was able to choose from 13 local charities to align themselves with.

“For those two weeks in July, the instruments will be displayed in the storefronts with a bio on the artist, and a map of the other participating storefronts,” said Holman.

At the end of the two weeks, the instruments will be gathered and put on display at the Marigold – date to be announced.

“The public will be able to see them all at once, and the winning bidder will be able to take home their instrument,” said Holman.

With no goal in mind as to how much is raised, Mingo said charities benefit anytime anybody walks through their door with a contribution.