Submitted photo Todd Williams, of Bible Hill, has created a Poo Wizard/Truro Pet Service business where he can be hired to do almost anything pet-related, including pick up dog poop.

When Todd Williams goes on duty, his job is to make sure his clients don’t need to pick up dooty.

The lifelong animal lover saw an opportunity to provide pet owners with services that would make their lives easier. He was out of work and interviewing for new positions when he decided it was the perfect time to turn his business idea into a reality.

Northern Opportunities for Business Limited (NOBL) helped him get started, and Williams launched Poo Wizard/Truro Pet Service at the beginning of July.

Poop-scooping professionals in other cities across Canada are doing very well, and Williams believes there’s a need for the service here in the Truro area. He says the average dog can produce more than 200 pounds of poop in a year.

“If you forget to pick it up for a day or two, it builds up quickly,” laughed Williams, who currently has two dogs at his home in Bible Hill.

He says Truro’s growing senior population means there are lots of pet owners who aren’t physically able to bend and scoop their yards on a daily basis.

“I’ve met with a lot of vets and people who deal with seniors, and they say there’s definitely a need for it,” said Williams, who offers seniors a 10 per cent discount. “Seniors might not be able to get out and walk their dog and clean up their yard, but they still want that companionship and unconditional love.”

Williams acknowledges he “won’t survive on poo-pickup alone,” which is why he’s branding himself as a full-service pet-care company.

People can hire him to drop in while they’re at work to take care of their pets – anything from feeding and watering to administering medication, taking a dog out for walk, cleaning a cat’s litter box, or just playing with them for a while.

Williams also offers vacation packages where he can drop by three to four times each day the owners are away, or even stay overnight to keep the pets company.

“Lots of cats get stressed out in kennels, and then there’s a big adjustment period when they come back,” said Williams. “Not all dogs do – it depends on the dog and the kennel. Some places are more like hotels, but others just stick them in a kennel and let them out to wee every six hours.”

He says pet owners sometimes find themselves unexpectedly waiting at the ER for long hours or overnight in the hospital, without friends or family members nearby to drop in and care for their animals. Now they have the option to call him up and ask for emergency service – he’s happy to help out.

He says trust is the main issue, when you’re entering a client’s home, so he’s in the process of being bonded and will carry an insurance policy. He’s registered with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies, has a Bachelor of Commerce and a background in sales management, and adds that he’s “not just an average Joe walking dogs for kicks.”

He doesn’t know what the future holds and says he might end up franchising the business someday, but right now he’s content to grow it steadily to meet his customers’ needs – all while enjoying his work.

“Dogs and cats love me, and I love them. I get along with all animals,” said Williams. “Animals have an unwavering sense of who they can trust. A dog’s tail never lies.”

“They sense that I’m there to help them – not hurt them – and that, chances are, I’m going to have a bit of fun with them, too.”

For more information on Poo Wizard/Truro Pet Service, call Todd Williams at 902-890-7250 or visit