Living Your Bliss with Sam Madore

LIVING YOUR BLISS: revisiting old passions.

Since April is National Poetry Month, I thought it would be fun/ funny to revisit some of my old poetry. I used to love spending hours writing poems in whatever coil notebook or on whatever piece of lined paper I could find.

Some were stream of consciousness poems where I just wrote any random word that came into my head next. Others were based on a series of thoughts that were trapped in my mind that needed to get out. They either rhymed or didn’t. They were short or long. Good or bad (or really bad). Light or dark…

I really enjoyed going back through some of my old notes and while some were surprisingly dark given the limited experiences I would have had at the time, I wrote them. I will happily share a couple of the light(er) ones (that strangely all actually include the word “light”.)

The first – a mini-poem – was included in the play that I co-wrote with my friend Ann Foster (that you may have seen at the One Act Play Festival in 2015):

somewhere i will be invisible

i will fade into the night

i will mask my misfortune and parade my style

in a world inside a golden beam

to become a ray of light.




An angel sang to me last night

Encompassed in a light so bright

And I, entranced with pure delight,

Joined in.

A bird sat on my windowsill

Enlightened with a subtle will

And I, enchanted with him still,

Felt calm.

Last night an angel danced with me

Beyond the rising, deep, blue sea

And I, an angel soon to be,

Breathed in.

Last night a bird stretched out his wing.

Mid-flight, we two began to sing

And I, until the broad morning,

Felt free.


And finally:


She (this one actually had a title)

She shone a light

It brushed my knee

And now I’m free.

She struck a match

It caught my eye

Now I can fly.

She lit the stars

They chilled my bones

I’m not alone.

The others – the good, the bad and the hilarious (not in a good way) – will remain hidden.