A round of golf can be a stress reliever if you’re familiar with the game, but it can have the opposite effect if you’re a newbie – worrying over what you’re wearing and what you’re doing.

“New golfers are sometimes intimidated by the rules and attitude of golf, and they’re nervous about making a mistake,” said Sergio Garrido, general manager of Riverrun in North River. “We always want everyone to feel welcome here, and that’s something that sets us apart.”

While golf’s demographic is typically older males, Garrido says Riverrun is focused on being inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

There are reduced green fees for golfers under 18, as well as regular golf-and-dine nights, coffee events and game nights. Every Monday is Ladies’ Night -complete with a game of Best Ball and a home-cooked meal. Garrido says sometimes more than 50 women come out to Riverrun for a friendly game and dinner together.

“We try our best to be friendly and relaxed here, and make it a place people want to be,” said Garrido. “We’re not about to turn people away for not wearing proper attire, because it’s all about enjoying a round with your friends.”

But the lush North River property is more than simply a golf course. Garrido says they’re branding themselves as a recreational spot for people of all ages to have fun.

Dating back to 2000, Riverrun has always been a quaint nine-hole golf course. But Garrido says he started changing things up last year – starting with the addition of a full-service coffee house, Aroma Maya.

He imports the beans from Guatemala and roasts them on-site at Riverrun – even bagging and selling them to customers who want to take the Aroma Maya taste home with them.

His regulars love dropping by to enjoy lattes and espressos in the comfortable coffee house. There are always freshly-baked goodies to enjoy, and even hot paninis available for lunch.

Greg Jones, the owner of Riverrun, was also the first person to bring FootGOLF to the Truro area. The golf/soccer hybrid is popular in Europe, and involves kicking a soccer ball into a sunken cup. Since it’s more difficult to kick long distances, Garrido says Riverrun’s FootGOLF course is divided into 14 holes to keep the pars reasonable.

“The holes are normally off to the left of the greens,” said Garrido. “It’s a lot of fun for families, and we also have groups come out to play – like sports teams and bachelor/bachelorette parties.”

Even with the specialty coffees and intriguing new sport, golf remains the heart of Riverrun – with a sprawling, green course that’s lovingly tended by the groundskeeping team.

They had a slower start to the season, as spring in Nova Scotia was plagued with heavy rain, so Garrido is hoping his golfers will get to play well into the fall to make up for it.

“Some people prefer golfing in the fall because it’s a little cooler and it’s comfortable walking around,” said Garrido. “It’s also usually quieter, since some people are back at work after summer vacation.”

He says Riverrun golfers enjoy that they’re able to whip through all nine holes quickly – either alone, or with a pal.

“Most people can fit one-and-a-half or two hours into their day, rather than waiting to find the time for 18 holes,” said Garrido.
Riverrun is located at 922 West North River Rd. For more information, visit To schedule a tee time, please call (902) 893-8400.