Living Your Bliss with Sam Madore

When you take on a position with your town’s parks, recreation and culture department, there is a certain unwritten expectation that you should be involved in some form of recreational activity (and I’m pretty sure clearing snow off my car in the morning doesn’t count!)

With winter upon us – and me being a winter-hater at heart – I am going to take advantage of this new position and force myself to embrace the great outdoors and get active.

I was recently asked what I do to get through the winter months and my off-the-cuff response was – pick a couple of shows on Netflix, binge watch, hibernate, repeat. Now that my seven-season Gilmore Girls binge is almost over, I have a plan to find something to do that is a wee bit more active than adjusting the volume on my remote. I am going to get out of my comfort zone and get outside!

Here’s what I am going to do:

Skate – the promise of a new outdoor skating rink at our new civic square in front of our new library sounds like the perfect opportunity to start a new habit of going skating. I used to do this all the time in my backyard as a kid and there is something about the snotty-nosed memories of tripping on my toe-pick that really appeals to me this winter. Bring it on!

Snowshoe – the fact that snowshoes are available for free in my office building and that I live a few steps away from the best snowshoe track in town (the upper area of Victoria Park) seems to be an unavoidable sign that I must take this up this year. Look out, Daisy Roberts… this is the year!

Walk – Again, I am going to take advantage of living so close to Victoria Park. I have a wimpy dog who also hates winter, but if I am going to embrace the cold and get some exercise this season, I am going to buy him some embarrassing dog-boots and bring Hank with me!

As you can see, I am going to start small. I am going to choose a consecutive 30 days and do something active outside each day for at least fifteen minutes. I’m going to make it my own and tailor it to what I think my body can handle (and maybe just a little more. 😉

Listen, I know this may all sound very simple to those of you who already adopt an active lifestyle or who already like winter, but for those of us who would rather hide under a pile of blankets and resurface at the end of March, it can be quite a struggle to do something as simple as going for a walk… especially in the cold. Wish me luck! | |