The Jason Fahey Legacy Fund recently received $5,000 from Scotiabank’s Team Truro after employees at the branch volunteered at the third annual Jason Fahey Memorial held Dec. 29. From left, Scotiabank’s Randy Jollie and Denise Dube MacLean; Jason’s father, Ralph Fahey (incorrectly listed as Jason's grandfather in the print edition); sister, Bridget Fahey; mother Doris Fahey; Craig Johnson, executive director of the Colchester East Hants Hospice Society; and Scotiabank’s Susan Weatherby and Craig MacLaine. Raissa Tetanish – Hub Now

COLCHESTER COUNTY – Five local organizations are benefitting from the contributions of Scotiabank’s Team Truro.

Over the past couple of months, Team Truro has volunteered at countless events, giving out thousands of dollars to each one the members volunteer their time at.

For Jason Fahey’s family, the ongoing support doesn’t just benefit their family in honouring their loved one, but helps the community and Colchester-East Hants Hospice Society as well.

“We know each year we can count on their support in continuing to honour Jason’s memory,” said Doris Fahey, Jason’s mother.

The annual Jason Fahey Memorial event was held at the end of December, with Scotiabank matching $5,000 of what was raised. This was the third event the Jason’s family and friends have held in his honour.

“The fund is growing – we broke $100,000,” said Doris.

Jason died Oct. 29, 2015. Two months later, his friends and family gathered for what started out as a wake. They decided it would become an annual event, and they teamed up with the hospice society to create the Jason Fahey Legacy Fund.

“We’ve been working with the family to raise funds and to brainstorm projects together to honour his legacy,” said Craig Johnson, executive director of the hospice society. “We have lots of great ideas but it’s going to take time to get it right and make sure we have something the family can be proud of.”

Just before Christmas, Team Truro once again partnered with the Truro-North River 4-H Club to administer about 500 Christmas arrangements.

“We used to deliver them, but now people come pick them up outside Scotiabank,” said Lynn Maynard, the club’s general leader.

For at least five years, the club’s members have been spending countless hours in the woods gathering the supplies needed for the Christmas arrangements, then creating an assembly line to put the planters together.

They teamed up with Scotiabank three years ago.

“They had been delivering them, but we thought there has to be a better way,” said Randy Jollie, small business advisor with Scotiabank. “We thought we could have a day with all the planters outside the bank and people can come get them. It saves a lot of time, and a lot of driving around.”

The $5,000 donation to the club will go back into the general funds, said Maynard, but will also help members in their projects and the social committee.

Leading up to Christmas, Team Truro also popped into the Colchester Community Workshops’ annual two-day Christmas sale in November.

“It’s just crazy,” said Diane Standing, with the workshops foundation. “The entire upstairs is filled to the rafters, basically, with Christmas items.”

Throughout the year, the Second Life Used Goods, or SLUG, team, sets Christmas items aside. They’re meant for the annual sale in November, and don’t hit the shelves before then. If anything is left over after the sale, that’s when they’ll go out into the New To You shop.

Thanks to Scotiabank’s contribution of $3,000, more than $12,000 is going back into the operations of the workshop.

Another $3,000 was donated to Lead With Your Heart, after Team Truro volunteered at the annual Lead With Your Heart Takes Flight fundraising event. Shelley Austin, who oversees the organization in memory of her son, Lucas, along with other family members and friends, said the donation would be going directly to the Canadian Mental Health Association Colchester East Hants branch, and planned on presenting it at the branch’s annual Women and Wellness event.

Lead With Your Heart supports various opportunities in the province with initiatives correlating to mental health and art, including the local branch’s Art Works program.

Team Truro also contributed $15,000 to the Colchester East Hants Health Care Foundation’s annual gala, which raises money for the needs of the local health care facility.

Sharon Crowe said the gala netted about $90,000 total, which will go toward the roughly $4 million list of current equipment needs throughout the hospital, including equipment for surgery, diagnostic imaging, and labs.

Scotiabank’s Team Truro donated $5,000 to the Truro-North River 4-H Club after helping out with the club’s annual Christmas plant sale. From left, Susan Weatherby and Randy Jollie, both with Scotiabank; club treasurer Ashley Maynard; Lynn Maynard, club general leader; and Craig MacLaine and Denise Dube MacLean, of Scotiabank.
Raissa Tetanish – Hub Now
Thanks to a $3,000 donation from Scotiabank’s Team Truro, the Colchester Community Workshops’ annual Christmas sale brought in more than $12,000. From left, Amroo Alsaeedy and Randy Jollie, of Scotiabank; Diane Standing, Michelle Hollingsworth, Charles Lewis, and Victoria Lomond, from the workshops; and Scotiabank’s Denise Dube MacLean.
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The Colchester East Hants Health Care Foundation’s annual gala netted about $90,000, including a $15,000 donation from Scotiabank’s Team Truro’s efforts. The health care foundation currently has an equipment needs list of about $4 million, which this money will support. From left, Scotiabank’s Rhonda MacDonald, Amroo Alsaeedy, and Craig MacLaine; foundation’s Shane Crawford and Sharon Crowe; and Donnie Gouthro, Denise Dube MacLean, and Randy Jollie, from Scotiabank.
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Scotiabank’s Team Truro made a $3,000 donation to the local Lead With Your Heart organization in support of the annual Lead With Your Heart Takes Flight event. From left, Denise Dube MacLean and Craig MacLaine, of Scotiabank; Lead With Your Heart’s Shelley Austin; and Randy Jollie, of Scotiabank. Austin was presenting the donation directly to the Canadian Mental Health Association Colchester East Hants branch during the Women and Wellness event. The branch is one of the main organizations Lead With Your Heart supports.
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