Helen Sims, from left, of the Cumberland County Transportation Society, and Sue Taylor, manager of the Colchester Transportation Cooperative Limited, met with Karen Casey, the province's finance minister, for an announcement that sees each organization receive at least $170,000. Raissa Tetanish - Hub Now

TRURO – Funding from the provincial government will help the Colchester Transportation Cooperative Limited (CTCL) hire much-needed drivers.

Sue Taylor, manager of the CTCL, said the cooperative has grown by “leaps and bounds” over the last three years and $172,492 of funding from the province’s Community Transportation Assistance Program will help get more vehicles on the road.

“We very seldom have less than three vehicles on the road every day and we only have a few drivers,” said Taylor, following the funding announcement with Karen Casey, MLA for Colchester North and the province’s finance minister. “This year, we’ve seen 113 new clients, with an additional five this week, so these funds will help hire extra drivers, and further down the road help increase our fleet.”

Casey said clients “rely heavily” on the services the CTCL offers, which is not limited to those with disabilities. Anyone needing transportation is able to access the service.

“It’s important to know you have a wide variety of users, because a lot don’t understand they can take advantage of the service,” said Casey.

“Because most of our vehicles are wheelchair accessible, a lot of people think we only service those people,” said Taylor, adding if somebody’s car breaks down and they need transportation, CTCL is an option.

For more information on the CTCL and the services offered, including to make an appointment for a ride, visit http://www.ctcl.ca/.

Along with the funding for the CTCL, Casey announced funding to a total of $213,749 for the Cumberland County Transportation Society (CCTS).

Helen Sims, with CCTS, said they’ve had a couple of challenging years, seeing their fleet of vehicles go from five to three.

“This funding takes the pressure off a bit,” said Sims, adding their drivers covered roughly 261,000 kilometres serving clients last year.