We all have it.

That “bucket list” trip we’ve been dreaming of our whole lives. Maybe it’s just a passing thought every now and then that you catch glimpses of when your day to day life is just a little too hectic and you’re aching for reprieve or maybe you’re like me and you’ve spent a substantial amount of time fantasizing about it.

Maybe you’ve gone so far as to actually plan the trip, research the flights and accommodations, look into the area, and dive into what it would cost to make it happen. That’s usually as far as people get – the cost.

We’ve been “Dashboard Living” for just about a year now and we talk to hundreds (maybe thousands) of people each week about travel. We always ask, “What’s your big bucket list trip” and they always answer! People generally have it right on the tip of their tongue (which means they’ve been thinking about it). But, it’s almost always followed with a statement like, “It’s just a dream though. We can’t afford it”, or “that’ll only happen if we win the lottery”, or “if only I had ____ dollars”.

We used to think that way too. It’s easy to use money as an excuse to not do the things we’ve always wanted to do BUT what if there was a way to make those “bucket list” items actually happen?

Here’s a secret. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE RICH TO TRAVEL! All you need is determination and a sense of adventure. If you have the desire to travel the world, it’s easier than you think.

In fact, some of the greatest explorers are those that have very little money but they prioritize travel.

We’re in the process of making a video that goes into depth about the ways we save money to travel (watch for that on www.dashboardliving.com) but here is an overview of the ways we save for travel – and you can too! Some of these ideas are easy and others take a little soul searching but they all result in more time and money freedom.

  1. Downsize and declutter
  2. Track expenses meticulously
  3. Create a budget (and stick to it)
  4. Start a dedicated travel fund
  5. Eliminate expenses
  6. Start a side hustle (job, venture, etc.)
  7. Swap gifts for cash
  8. Save money on things you buy
  9. Consider your car costs (and cutting them)
  10. Travel rewards programs and/or credit cards
  11. Consider rentals/roommates

This list is a teaser and you might be thinking, “Yeah yeah, we’ve heard this before but it’s easier said than done”. Trust me, you’ll want to be paying attention to our upcoming videos because we’ve got some ideas that may surprise you on how you can dramatically reduce your monthly costs and save enough money to check off those bucket list trips.

The best part? It can happen a lot sooner than you think!

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