WAVERLEY – A member of the Truro Fire Service suffered critical injuries in training on March 9.

The firefighter, whose identity has not been officially released, suffered the injuries during a training evolution at the Nova Scotia Firefighters School in Waverley. He is in his late 20’s and is a former volunteer with the Fall River department.

He was rushed to hospital by paramedics with Emergency Health Services, where he remains in critical condition.

John Cunningham, executive director with the Fire School, confirmed the incident in a tweet. The school posted a message on its Facebook page the following day.

“Our priority is to ensure the firefighter is okay and makes a speedy recovery,” said Cunningham.

He said the school, along with the provincial Department of Labour, are investigating the incident.

There are reports as to what led to the incident, however that has not been confirmed by officials.

Truro Fire Service chief Blois Currie told CBC that he and other members of the department have been by the firefighter’s bedside since the incident, and are also supporting the man’s family.

Posts popped up in the hours after the fire school made their post from fellow firefighters and Nova Scotians sending their thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery to the firefighter.

The province’s Labour and Advanced Education (LAE) spokeswoman Shannon Kerr confirmed the labour department is involved.

“We can confirm that LAE has responded to this incident and is conducting an inspection,” said Kerr. “Our inspection is ongoing. We have no further information to share at this time.”

Bible Hill firefighter Dwane Mellish said they have worked with the injured firefighter during mutual aid calls.

“He is a fine firefighter and we are saddened at what has happened,” said Mellish in a tweet. “Let’s all pull together and hopefully he will make a full recovery and rejoin the ranks.”