“A man searches the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” – George Moore.

What is your impression of the people of Truro? This is my feeling. You may curse them, mock them, criticize them or belittle them but in spite of all these things you will still love them. Why? Well let me tell you of my experiences.

My wife, Greta contracted the dreaded disease of polio in November of 1951. She spent six painful months in the Polio Clinic in Halifax. She was confined to an iron lung for three long torturous months. During the first month I stayed in Halifax and spent every night with her while she was lying helpless in this ‘coffin-like’ box.

During this time I should have been working at my job on the railroad in Truro. However my job was the furthest thing from my mind. All my interest, all my energy, all my love was spent with the woman I loved, to be there and support her.

Now, here is something that is hard to believe. I never missed a day at work! All those rough, tough, boisterous guys at work filled in for me. They worked for me on their days off! I never lost a day’s pay. That is Love. That’s what Truro people are like!

I’m not through praising Truro people yet. Let me tell you more.

Greta came home from the hospital in the spring of 1952. She could walk, but she was paralyzed from the waist up. She could not raise her arms or make a fist with her hands. However, her children, Herbie four, and Lark two, rushed over and huddled close to her. Greta had proved that Love and determination would pull her through this dreaded disease!

So, we settled down to live a family life. You know things were going pretty good until I received a letter from the Polio Clinic. It was a bill for Greta’s stay in the hospital in Halifax. The total sum of the bill was $662.28! This was a tremendous sum of money at that time, especially for me because I don’t think I had 600 cents.

It was a very difficult time for me. My wife needed help, my children were very young, and I had no money saved. I couldn’t pay this bill and I agonized over my predicament for months.

One day a miracle happened! I received a letter from the Town of Truro signed by the mayor himself—Mr. Jack Glassey. The letter stated: “We have reviewed your bill from the Polio Clinic. The decision was unanimous – the council and I felt the Town of Truro would pay the bill.”

I grabbed Greta, gave her a kiss, and showed her the bill the Town had paid for us. Tears came to her eyes, and I don’t mind telling you I already had tears in my eyes.

I must tell you things went much smoother for us from that day on, and a great load had been lifted off my shoulders

It was at this time I felt I was the luckiest man in the world. I had been gifted with two wonderful miracles. No man deserved any more gifts than this.

However, I was wrong, there still was another miracle. A miracle Greta and I never believed would happen. The Powers that be gave our family a wonderful gift. Greta became a proud mother to another beautiful little girl! Rosalee made our little family complete. Truro seemed like Heaven that day to Greta and me.

So, if you live in the Town of Truro you can be very thankful … thankful that you’ll have faithful friends for life and thankful you live in a Town that really cares for its citizens.