Truro native Jane Archibald will be a guest performance with the Halifax Camerata Singers this season. The soprano will perform in Annelies, a choral based on The Diary of Anne Frank, in November, as well as Mozart’s Great Mass in c minor in May. Submitted photo

TRURO – The thoughts of a young German girl fleeing the Nazis will be brought to life by a Truro native.

Jane Archibald is joining the Halifax Camerata Singers as a special guest in their performance in November of Annelies, a choral based on The Diary of Anne Frank by British composer James Whitbourn.

Archibald, a soprano who grew up in Truro and now lives in Halifax, will fill the role of Anne Frank for the performance, under the artistic direction of Jeff Joudrey.

“I know (Jeff’s) work ethic from my years in the First Baptist Girls’ Choir, and I know his commitment to pursuing excellence,” said Archibald, in between rehearsals for a performance in Vienna. “The First Baptist Girls’ Choir is known nationally because of the work that he’s done. That really gels with my work ethics. I’m sure it will be a satisfying experience musically.”

Archibald created a personal connection with Joudrey when she joined the local girls’ choir as a youth. She spent years training with Joudrey, who also founded the Halifax Camerata Singers in 1986. He lives in Halifax, and approached Archibald to be a guest in the Annelies performance.

“Every once in a while, an opportunity or project comes along in Halifax that I’m able to take on, and I’m always happy to make that happen,” said Archibald. “Jeff’s been wanting to bring me in to perform with the choir, and I very happily said yes when this one worked out.”

Annelies will kick off the Camerata Singers’ 2018-19 season. This year will see the largest choir, with 29 members, eight of which are new.

“As we think about the tremendous achievements of humankind, stretching even into outer space, we celebrate Anne Frank’s message of hope, peace and the innate goodness of people, through these emotional and beautiful pieces of music,” Joudrey said in a press release about the season kick off.

With a young child in school, Archibald is now trying to spend as much time as she can at home. At her busiest times over her career, Archibald could be away for about 10 months out of an entire year.

“I’m trying to better split my time between operas and concerts,” she admitted. “It’s the opera that keeps you on the road, where as a concert could last a week, sometimes 10 days.”

Annelies will be held at the Shaar Shalom Synagogue in Halifax on Nov. 11, at 7:30 p.m. Jennifer Jones will perform on the violin, with Shimon Walt on the cello, Graham Lord on clarinet, and Camerata accompanist Lynette Wahlstrom on piano.

Archibald will join the choir for a second performance during the season, this time in Mozart’s Great Mass in c minor on May 4 and 5 at the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium.

Tickets for Annelies are available online at, while tickets for the Mozart performance can be purchased through the Dalhousie Arts Centre Cohn Box Office at