Colchester District RCMP Staff Sgt. Al Carroll outside the newly renovated and expanded detachment in Bible Hill.

BIBLE HILL – It’s starting to feel like home for the Colchester District RCMP.

The detachment in Bible Hill spent 18 months under an extensive renovation and expansion project that now sees various departments all under the same roof.

Staff Sgt. Al Carroll said some of the departments, such as traffic services, had been housed at another facility in Perennia Park.

“We have around 65 to 70 members in the building now, with about only 30 to 40 before,” he said.

The project began in late 2015 and added 1,200 square feet to the existing facility. When the addition was built and complete, the staff and services in the front portion of the building moved to the new section, so the front could be renovated.

On Aug. 3, the detachment will celebrate the newly renovated and constructed facility with an event for the public beginning at 2 p.m. Limited tours will be available.

Along with administration and general duty members, the front portion of the facility sees the General Investigation Services and sergeants’ offices. Walking through the main entrance is a bright, spacious lobby with an interview room easily accessible, which will be utilized by Victim Services.

The cell block, home to five cells, was retrofitted to bring it up to standards.

“The cells haven’t been used in about eight years,” said Carroll, nothing the detachment has had a memorandum of understanding with Truro Police Service over that amount of time to utilize their cells. Their partnership, he said, was exceptional and the members appreciated their working together.

When in use with inmates, guards will do a physical check on inmates every 15 minutes, said Carroll. Inmates are constantly monitored through video streams and screens.

Close to the cells are more interview rooms, a secure garage, and a room with the intoxilyzer, or breathalyzer, and Live Scan for fingerprinting.

“We’re working on getting a second Live Scan for the general public,” the staff sergeant said. “So when the public comes in for a criminal record check for volunteering, they don’t have to come back here where the inmates are housed.”

Thanks to the expansion, the detachment’s Truth Verification Section is now on site, with three polygraph rooms and a monitoring room.

“The officers in the unit serve north eastern Nova Scotia, and service Newfoundland at times,” said Carroll, adding they also serve up north in places such as Nunavut and Iqaluit.

The added space also features large sections for both major crime and forensic identification units, including a laser room for the latter.

Forensic Identification Sgt. NCO IC Darlene McEachren explained the laser room in the fingerprinting process as using different wavelengths of light to bring out more definition in the prints.