Danielle Crowell knows all too well the benefits of practicing yoga. Submitted photo

Last year, my husband and I received these beautiful soft blue towels as a bridal shower gift.

As someone who only uses new things when the old things wear out, I put them at the bottom of our stack of towels, figuring I’d only take them out when we had company over. I thought they were “too nice” for everyday use.

Last week, I went into our bathroom and saw one of those beautiful soft blue towels hanging up. My husband had used it to dry off after his shower.

My initial reaction was to say “Don’t use these towels! They’re our good towels!” And then I realized… what am I waiting for?

As someone who truly understands that life can change in the blink of an eye, I had to ask myself the tough questions, such as, “What if we never get to use those towels? Will saving them be worth it?”

Now, the reason I bring this up is because I think we all, in some way or another, wait to live. We hold off – we say “I will when _____.” We avoid things that could bring us joy or love or a feeling of freedom because “we’re not ready yet.”

But is that actually true? I mean, what if that day never comes?

My silly towels got me thinking about all the other areas in life that we wait for: getting healthier and eating better, getting fit and moving our bodies more, saying no to the things we don’t want to do, and therefore making room to say yes to the things we do want to do.

We wait until we’re “less busy,” we wait until we’ve lost ___ pounds, we wait until we’re told we are done or think we’ve completed something, we wait until we think we’re worthy.

Newsflash: as one task ends, you’ll keep piling things on top of yourself… take the time NOW.

Newsflash: if you’re taking the steps to get healthy and active, and you feel happier for doing it (being happy is key!), those __ pounds will come off a lot easier than if you stress and fret over it. Why? Because stress puts the body in protection mode, therefore storing weight. But, if you allow yourself to just be happy, the body will realize you don’t need to be protected anymore, and it will let that extra weight go. (Weight management is deep stuff.)

Newsflash: if you wait until you’re done or have fully completed something, you may miss out on awesome opportunities. Believe in yourself and your abilities more, in all stages.

Newsflash: you’re already worthy. You were worthy from the day you were born, and no amount of waiting is going to change that.

So if you’ve been thinking about making a change in your life, or starting something new, or trying something again… do as Nike recommends, and ‘Just Do It.’

Because what happens if you keep waiting, and never get the chance to?

Since this is September now, many of us are ready to start making healthy changes and finding routine again. What a good time for you to start!

I’m going to use those beautiful soft blue towels, and any other “too nice” things that I’ve been saving. I’m going to stop dreaming and over-thinking and planning, and start doing the things in my life that have been bubbling around in my head these past few months! And I’m going to start NOW.

What will you do?