Danielle Crowell knows all too well the benefits of practicing yoga. Submitted photo

We all have these really exhausting mental scripts we tell ourselves.

For example, we might wake up in the morning and tell ourselves that we are going to exercise today, but then as our day progresses, we find ourselves saying things like “well, maybe not today, because I had something heavy for lunch/it’s been a busy day/it’s raining outside, so I probably won’t have the energy, and then it will be harder than usual, and then I will hate every minute of it, and then I’ll be reminded of how I should be working out more often, and then it might discourage me from continuing to work out at all, and then, and then, and then, and THEN…”

Are we just overthinking everything?

I have a feeling this isn’t just me. I have a feeling this happens to almost all of us – every day, in some way – and especially when it comes to things like working out, eating healthy, making changes, etc.

Do you know how exhausting it is to overanalyze every single move you make?

What if you were to just commit to something and then just go through the motions without having to think anything more about it? Imagine how freeing that might feel? To decide to do something and then simply do it on autopilot, without having to always have the ultimate say? And control every little aspect? And contemplate and stew and hem-and-haw and debate and change your mind?

We’re always trying to do everything we can to avoid the drudgery of routine… but maybe sometimes we need it. Maybe sometimes we do just need to show up at the same time, to the same place, and do the same thing, over and over and over again. Remember, it’s not the routine itself that makes something dreadful; it’s the activity. (There’s a difference between spending your time in vain and doing something that matters to you!)

So what if you just showed up at ____o’clock every day, rain or sun, and did the thing?

What if there were no more excuses, because there was no more thinking about it?

What if you didn’t give yourself a choice, anymore?

I bet you could find the happiness, and the change, and the results you want by showing up; no ifs, ands, or buts.

Unfortunately most of us won’t try, because there are always a thousand reasons why not… But maybe you’re not like everyone else.