The Truro Art Society’s third annual sculpture show will run the month of February at the McCarthy Gallery, at the Nova Scotia Community College Truro campus. It will feature the works of a number of sculptors, such as Nancy Roberts, whose untitled stoneware, glaze, and acrylic piece is pictured. Submitted photo

TRURO – Two art shows in Truro will showcase a number of works, from local artists to those outside the area.

Brandt Eisner is curating two shows – New Beginnings, which is running this month at the Marigold Cultural Centre, and the Truro Art Society’s third annual sculpture show, which will be on display at the McCarthy Gallery for the month of February.

Eisner said the sculpture show came about when he was on the board of directors for the Truro Art Society.

“We were always looking for new ideas and new shows to get people involved, to get the community involved,” said Eisner, a sculptor himself. “It’s very hard to find space for just sculptures.”

He said many in the public automatically think of painting when they think of art, but he wanted to introduce new medium and style to the community.

“There’s a whole world of art out there,” he said, adding art history is not taught in elementary or secondary school curriculums. “So it’s not something people normally grow up on. These shows are a way to educate the public. A lot of people are intimidated by galleries. They often free pressured if they don’t know enough about art, or they can’t afford to buy art.”

The show at the Marigold, which runs until the end of the month, will be a “pretty mixed” show in terms of medium on display.

There will be a number of mixed media pieces including paintings. There will be sculptures on display, clay pieces, and works by Indigenous artist Alan Syliboy.

“It’s a very diverse art show,” said Eisner. “When I curate a show, I try to cover as many mediums and artists as possible.”

He said the theme for New Beginnings is “kind of loose” but gave the artists a bit of direction.

“With a new year, like every day, there are opportunities for new beginnings,” he said. “Art can move us to think differently, escape, evaluate and open ourselves up. Even if we don’t “understand” art, the mere looking can impact us in the most subtle ways. By viewing we are changed.”

Eisner will have some of his works featured as part of New Beginnings. Along with he and Syliboy, other artists include Miya Turnbull, Mark Hamilton, Shauna MacLeod (of Black Crow Pottery), Judith Newman, Anthony Clementi, Heather Waugh Pitts, Laura Kenney, Lee Cripps, and Al Hattie (of Redneck Craft Creations).

The call for submissions for the annual sculpture show is still open, so Eisner isn’t sure as to how many artists will be featured.

“Every year we have new people submitting, and there’s very diverse works in the show,” he said. “The pieces are sculpture-based – as long as they can hang on a wall.”

The opening reception for the sculpture show is Feb. 5, 5:30-7 p.m., and the public is invited to attend.

Eisner is hoping those who may feel intimidation by a gallery will stop by the show at the McCarthy Gallery, which is located in the library at the Nova Scotia Community College Truro campus.

“We want people to get out and get looking. It’s about being open-minded. Look at new forms of art, ask questions if you need to. By having the show at the McCarthy Gallery, it’s a more inviting space. It’s not your typical gallery experience but you’d still getting a lot of gallery work.”

For those interested in participating in the Truro Art Society’s third annual sculpture show, email Brandt Eisner at by Jan. 20.