Sunday, February 23, 2020
Living Your Bliss with Sam Madore

Patting yourself on the back

I have a problem. It’s called self-doubt. On especially bad days, it’s partnered with ‘only dwelling on the negative when there is oh-so-much positive...

There’s news beyond the elbow

Apparently, the only thing of any meaningful and noteworthy nature that happened recently, is that one Canadian who should have known better did something...

Absent without official leave to Rome

Rome! The very name sent shivers along my spine. How I longed to see the Eternal City; to see the Coliseum where the gladiators...

A good sandwich

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? We can have them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are the staple of many bridal and baby showers...
Living Your Bliss with Sam Madore

Plant a seed and see how it grows

This is the time of year where I think most about growth and change. This time last year, Jenn Rodgers and I - along with...

Civic square project will be redefining

In just a few short weeks, the activity around what is now the former Truro library will be hard to miss. Books, equipment and...


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